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Order processing

Your request will be analyzed by our commercial services and in case some of the plants aren't available in the desired sizes, alternative sizes will be suggested and potting, packaging and transportation costs will be added when applicable.
All details regarding payment and delivery can be settled by email or phone.


Delivery time for available plants is usually 2 to 8 days after payment confirmation.
The delivery is made by our means or a transport company.


The minimum order value is 250.00 EUR.
If you want a lower value order, please send us an email to find out about the feasibility.
Bare root trees are supplied in bundles of 10 units.
Forest-sized plants (200/500 cc - 10/20 cm) are supplied in 50-unit trays.
Forest trays may be subject to a security deposit that will be refunded when they are returned.
Advertised prices are subject to discounts depending on the quantity requested.
Advertised prices are subject to potting costs for plants that are grown in the ground when not supplied bare root.
Advertised prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate and may change without notice.
Transport and planting costs are not included.
The presented photos may not correspond exactly to the described species and sizes.

Dimensions and Measurements

10/20 cm
1.00/1.50 m
PAP 10/12

cm / m >> Plant height in centimeters (cm) or meters (m) above soil level
PAP >> Circumference the trunk of the tree, in centimetres, at 1 meter height above soil level